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Hello, and welcome to my userpage!

For questions and comments, please visit my talk page.
If you don't have access to academic literature databases but would like the full-text version of an article, I'd be happy to help you acquire it.
I can also provide high-quality vector (.svg) images of molecular structures. Please let me know if you have any requests.

Wikipedia stuff[edit]

  • Bulleted list item

Templates, etc.[edit]





  • Gallery 5 - Obsolete images (png); move useful ones to Wikimedia Commons & delete any that are unused.

Things to do[edit]

  • Glucose - clarify interconversion, anomers, etc. (reference: McMurry pp. 985)
  • Sulfanilamide - create image showing synthesis route from benzene (reference: McMurry pp. 941)
  • Caveolae - same as coated pits? add reference from pinocytosis

Need vector images for:[edit]

Articles to be created:[edit]

  • Lesion study - important neuroscience research technique; "The use of structure to infer function was adopted for experimentation, and much of neuroscience rests upon observations made by purposefully damaging a distinct brain region, nerve or tract in an experimental animal and observing and documenting the subsequent loss of function." (reference: Purves pp. 16)
  • double labeling - labeling neurons in a particular region using two different methods, e.g. anterograde tracing and enzyme labeling (reference: Carlson pp. 164)
  • Radioactive tag - mentioned in many articles, but never explained anywhere
  • Active form - extensively used, especially in the context of chemistry, but never explained anywhere
  • Arborization - extensively used term; should it have its own article?
  • Molar excess - this term is used everywhere, yet there is no clear explanation of it; refers to the compound in a reaction that has more moles than are necessary to complete the reaction in full (the direction of the reaction is unimportant, c.f. Le Chatlier's principle)
  • Neural tract - "A collection of axons in the central nervous system having the same origin, termination, and function." (reference: Marieb pp. G-19) ; equivalent to a nerve in the PNS
    • relationship to Neural pathway? Biological tracts in general (e.g. GI tract)? Proposed titles for a more general article were "Tract (biology)" or "Tract (anatomy)"
  • Presynaptic specialization & Postsynaptic specialization - used in a vague manner throughout Neuroscience 4e, e.g. "Typically, the presynaptic terminal is immediately adjacent to a postsynaptic specialization of the target cell." (reference: Purves pp. 7); probably refers to certain features of receptor proteins and/or the morphology of dendrites

  • Neuromodulation - remove "merge" tag on September 1st, 2009. Article also needs work.
  • Fluoxetine - add "Pharmacology" section, add more info about interactions (Holt)
  • Biosynthesis - needs lots of work, links to indolamine/catecholamine articles

  • Axon - reference Marieb and Purves
  • Thalamus - needs better introduction. references.
  • Oscillopsia ("bouncing vision") - reference (Purves 357)
  • Fovea - (Purves 258, 272-3)
  • Vanilloid - needs a lot of work (see Purves 232-3)
  • Ganglion - reference (Marieb); clear up confusion with Ganglion cell; add examples of ganglia (e.g. spiral ganglion, Scarpa's ganglion, etc.)
    • "Collections of hundreds to thousands of neurons found outside the brain and spinal cord along the course of peripheral nerves."
  • Ganglion cell - reference (Purves 261-310); info is scattered throughout text
    • M ganglion cells & P ganglion cells - (Purves 305)
  • Create/find better photo for all retinal structures (better than Image:Gray882.png); see Purves pp. 262
  • CREB - needs inline citations
  • Patch clamp - add Neuroscience as reference.
  • Current clamp - needs to be properly partitioned, and much more info is needed about the biological-research-technique type of current clamp
  • Voltage clamp - create new picture based on Box 3A. (Purves 42)
  • Nicotine - "Interactions" section needed
  • List of drugs - create articles for red-links on list (there are many, many, many...)

  • Gravity (beer) - Get better image of hydrometer, Link to/from other homebrewing articles, explain that the term is used in relation to all alcoholic beverages although consumers only see it in relation to beer
  • Definity - drug "used in cardiac imaging, cardiopulmonary reactions" [3]. Currently, the article is about a digital imager.