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"From the inception of the wireless system I saw that this new art of applied electricity would be of greater benefit to the human race than any other scientific discovery, for it virtually eliminates distance.  The majority of the ills from which humanity suffers are due to the immense extent of the terrestrial globe and the inability of individuals and nations to come into close contact. . . ."[edit]


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Near-field electromagnetic induction[edit]

Magneto-inductive coupling or inductive coupling, Magneto-inductive phenomena[edit]

Resonant inductive coupling[edit]

Electro-inductive coupling or Capacitive coupling, Electro-inductive phenomena[edit]

Main article: Capacitive coupling

Capacitive coupling (electro-inductive coupling), is the conjugate equivalent of inductive coupling (magneto-inductive coupling). 

Resonant capacitive coupling[edit]

Electrical Conduction[edit]

Atmospheric plasma channel coupling[edit]

See also: Electrolaser

Earth transmission line coupling[edit]


Jagadish Chandra Bose's experiments[edit]

Mahlon Loomis' experiments[edit]

Nikola Tesla's experiments[edit]

The Leyh-Kenan Demonstrations[edit]

Near-field and non-radiative technologies[edit]

Nikola Tesla's experiments supplemental[edit]

Two widely different experiments[edit]

The Experiment presented as evidence.[edit]

The true C/S magnifier specifications.[edit]

Tesla wireless system feasibility[edit]

Earth electrical resonance and Stationary terrestrial waves[edit]


Wireless energy transmission
Wireless power transfer
Wireless power
Wireless power
Wireless power
Wireless power

Wardenclyffe Tower

Tesla coil

Magnifying transmitter
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Terrestrial stationary waves
Terrestrial stationary waves

Tesla Experimental Station

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe

Beat receptor


World Wireless system or Tesla wireless system
World Wireless

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Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla[edit]

Lightning in His Hand : The Life Story of Nikola Tesla[edit]

Surface Impedance Boundary Condition (SIBC)[edit]

Leontovich boundary condition[edit]

The classical electrodynamics Leontovich boundary condition relates the tangential components of the electric Et and magnetic Ht fields on the surface of well-conducting bodies. [Landau and Lifshits, 1982.], [M. A. Leontovich, On the approximate boundary conditions for the electromagnetic field on the surface of well conducting bodies. Moscow: Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1948.]

Trichel pulse[edit]

Dogma of the Circle[edit]

The Greek philosopher Plato is credited with the introduction of the dogma of the circle.  It was expressed by Claudius Ptolemy as follows:  "We believe that the object which the astronomer must strive to achieve is this: to demonstrate that all the phenomena in the sky are produced by uniform and circular motions."

Kenneth Alva Norton[edit]

A United States War Department engineer. a former Federal Communications Commission engineer . . . Winner of The Franklin Institute Ballantine Award in 1954 for contributions in the field of radio propagation. The Norton ground wave is named after this individual.

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