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I was also user GRBerry on Commons, Wikispecies, Meta, and (although I speak no German) de.Wikipedia. Messages intended for me on any of those projects might be left here, in which case I ask the poster to indicate which project they are talking about. However, I am not now active on any project. GRBerry diffmeta diff I also signed up for single user login.

This talk page is automatically archived by User:MiszaBot III. Any sections older than 31 days are automatically archived to User talk:GRBerry/Archive 11. Sections without timestamps are not archived.

At this point I became an admin. Subsequent archives are by bot in the order conversations became stale rather than the order they were created.

In Q4 2008 voluntarily resigned as an admin. I do not currently have access to the administrative tools and also am not actively editing nor do I intend to be actively editing again.

New sections belong at the bottom, not here.

There's a merger proposal rgdg LeBaron group/Ch1stborn[edit]

...Here: Talk:Church_of_the_Firstborn_of_the_Fulness_of_Times#Merger_proposal.--Hodgdon's secret garden (talk) 17:37, 3 March 2016 (UTC)