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George Ruban's Home Page


Role-Playing Games[edit]

Ten sided die This user is a member of WikiProject RPG.

Besides minor edits, my early work was in Category:Role-playing games.


Thanks to User:CatherineMunro for showing me about ISBNs, which made the above articles much better.

Made big merges of:

Strictly categorized:

I Angelbo award you this Barnstar for your game and RPG related contributions


Angelbo 04:14, 3 January 2006 (UTC) He actually put it on my talk page, but I like it here better! :-)

Other Games[edit]

Wikipedia Support[edit]

Wikipedia:Requested articles[edit]

I also wrote or stubbed the following, just as part of the Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than two years work (I know nothing about them otherwise):


2kip.png This user is part of the Countering Systemic Bias WikiProject

And as part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias:

Did you know...
Did You Know

Did You Know
Did You Know


Creationist museums[edit]

From an Articles for deletion discussion where I was challenged to create some articles to prove it could be done.

James Jones Literary Society First Novel Fellowship authors[edit]

From another Articles for deletion discussion where the claim was made that winners of this award aren't notable. So far - well, as I look into it, some were, and some weren't. These are some that were. Also expanded article on the society and award.