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My interests on Wikipedia include anything from international relations to astronomy to video games. As a detail-oriented editor, I identify as a WikiGnome. As such, most of my edits are typo fixes, grammatical improvements, bolding main subjects and abbreviations, citations, Wikilinks, disambiguation pages, redirects, and category pages. In my view, improving the little details helps improve the bigger picture overall. On occasion, I do create articles of my own and make effort to substantially improve stubs (see projects below).

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In accordance with Wikipedia's conflict of interest policies, I declare my connection with the subjects of the following articles.

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Per 5 FAM 777 in the Foreign Affairs Manual:

"Employees, acting in their private capacity, may establish personal blogs, wikis, or any other collaborative forum; however, the provisions of 3 FAM 4172.1-3 must be followed. Any posting to a wiki or blog that contains information "of official concern" to the Department must be cleared through PA (for domestic employees) or Chief of Mission (for employees serving abroad), unless being referenced from existing publicly available information. No employee shall accept compensation from any source other than the United States Government for writing that relates to the employee's official duties."

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