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My main interests on Wikipedia include military history, films, television, and academia. I am most likely to be found creating or editing military, religious, and academic biographies. My early years on Wikipedia were spent doing a range of things, from fighting vandalism to adopting new editors. In recent years, however, my focus has been on editing articles and I am rarely active within other areas (though I still revert vandalism when I come across it, and do the odd clean up here and there).

Currently, I am trying to create biographical articles for notable females that fall into the previously mentioned categories, and those that fall into WikiProject Women in Red's monthly editathons (or to #1day1woman). I can also be found creating and expanding articles about listed churches.

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To do list[edit]

My Articles (Done)
To do Details and refs Done?
List of female Fellows of the British Academy Create articles for red links
Katherine Watt expand
User:Gaia Octavia Agrippa/sandbox/Oxbridge academic ranks Expand and cite
User:Noswall59/Topics#Social policy/social work/social administration academics Create articles