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The Signpost
23 June 2017

No to copyleft[edit]

I do not like the copyleft implications of the GFDL and believe simple Public domain licensing to be more free. Any images I upload from now on will bear a Public Domain license. I would welcome any comments on this on my talk page. I cannot see how GFDL can be seen as more free than a license that has less restrictions. Any interesting arguments will be stored here.

my stuff[edit]

British Beef Cuts
British Pork Cuts
American Pork Cuts
British Lamb and mutton Cuts

To Check[edit]

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Fun/Interesting articles[edit]

Jimmy Carter's rabbit Prince Rupert of the Rhine




p589 the ants Dorylus wilverthai queen 52mm
Oligomyrmex minor workers 0.75mm Australian Ants: Their Biology and Identification p149
0.75 and 52 millimetres (0.030 and 2.0 in)


Thanks for the clarification re I must admit my experience is outside the field of anthropology, but perhaps that's a feature, in terms of Wikipedia's general audience. This issue of Australopithecus and afarensis keeps cropping up in the news, as more research comes out. I also appreciate dave_souza's comment clarifying that 822/288 is not a typo. If this article is confusing for college-educated me, it must be more so for the average person that creationism media targets. Keep up the good work clarifying. SalineBrain (talk) 14:04, 28 June 2010 (UTC)