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Hi! I'm EndlessCoffee54 and I edit on Wikipedia. I'm from California, and have been on Wikipedia for about two years. I mostly edit articles on TV and technology but recently have edited some articles on politics.

Here are some things about me:

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Political Views[edit]

I'm liberal on social issues and a centrist on economic issues. My views align firmly with the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, along with President Obama and Governor Jerry Brown.

I believe that government has a role in smart regulation of the financial sector in order to protect consumers. I strongly believe in the presence of a social safety net to help the poor, such as a minimum wage and housing programs that help lift people out of poverty. I support healthcare reforms like the Affordable Care Act and the presence of a public option. I oppose single-payer healthcare because I believe Americans should have choice in selecting their healthcare provider. Even if single-payer costs less, I believe better and more innovative healthcare outcomes come from competition, which healthcare exchanges foster.

I also believe that this safety net should be fiscally sustainable, and that waste and bloat in these programs should be trimmed. While I don't advocate a Balanced Budget Amendment, I believe during good economic times, every president should aim for a balanced budget. During recessions, I believe governments should spend money in order to stimulate investment. I believe in a mixed economy, a Progressive tax and capitalism as originally envisioned by Adam Smith: firms competing to win the hearts of consumers, not an economy rigged by large monopolies.

I like the principle of smart power, and I believe diplomatic avenues must be exhausted before the U.S. goes to war. I think that a strong American military promotes world peace and is essential to a free world, but that the military budget must be audited to weed out waste.

I believe that the U.S. Constitution fundamentally limits the power of the federal government-- which is a good thing. The three competing branches of government and devolution of power to the States were intentionally and ingeniously designed to slow the legislative process. While not perfect for other countries where a unitary state is demanded, this system is perfect for the United States, where States play an important and necessary role as "laboratories for democracy".

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I love technology, strategy games and simulator games. I use Macs and PCs.

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What I believe in and How I get around[edit]

My favorite philosophers are Rene Descartes and John Locke, and my favorite economists are John Keynes and Adam Smith.

I'm a strong advocate for California High-Speed Rail, but believe that the state needs to find a way to make the project less expensive, while cutting down construction time (I really like the blended approach). I also like airplanes and airports.

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St. Thomas Aquinas.
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