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Hi, this is my page. I love Game Shows!

My Favorite Top 10 Game shows ever[edit]

Top 10 best Game Show Moments[edit]

  • 10. ABC doing everything it could to not kill off Show me the Money, despite extremely low ratings for the first few episodes. Finally killed off after 9 episodes, which was, in my opinion, 3 times too long.
  • 9. Match Game has hade some hilarious hijinks in its time, but perhaps the best is, "I think Batman and Robin are BLANK." "Engaged?"
  • 8. Robert McKee guessing 10 words in Bonus Lingo, picked ball number 10, and won $10,000.
  • 7. Larry(last name unknown) winning $250,000 on 1 vs. 100, being the only one out ao 5 people(one of them Ken Jennings) to think Larry King had more wives than Henry VIII.
  • 6. John Carpenter winning $1,000,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? without using any lifelines(to be specific, he used his Phone-a-friend to call his dad, but he just told him he was going to win the million)
  • 5. A hilarious episode of Family Feud. "Name a month where a woman starts to look pregnant." "September?"
  • 4. The infamous France/French incident on Password Plus.
  • 3. Bob Barker's reaction to a woman having a little problem with a tube top after "Coming on Down" on The Price is Right
  • 2. When Ken Jennings finished his streak with $3,022,700 on Jeopardy!
  • 1. When Michael Larson won $110,237 on Press Your Luck