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I am Ganesh Krishnamurthy, an Indian American, originally from Chennai, living in the metro Atlanta area, United States. I am a software developer by profession. I am interested in topics related to astronomy, biology, geography, history and technology. In the past, I was involved in improving India-related topics, as a member of WikiProject India. I had also helped WikiProject Gastropods with software development expertise. These days, I am semi-active on Wikipedia. I can be reached via a message on my talk page or an e-mail.

I had started actively editing Wikipedia in November 2005, and became an administrator in June 2006. I operate a bot, Ganeshbot and help automate some tasks with it. In June 2006, Ganeshbot created about 5000 Indian town articles on the English Wikipedia based on the data collected from Indian Census of 2001. Ganeshbot has assisted WikiProject Gastropods since March 2010 and has created more than 20,000 snail articles using the data downloaded from the World Register of Marine Species. The bot is ranked #11 on the list of Wikipedians by number of pages created.

I had started the most polluted cities page and continue to update it whenever WHO updates their air quality database.

I had developed the CSVLoader plugin for AutoWikiBrowser and support it on a regular basis. It allows for articles to be created based on the data from CSV data files. It has been used on the Dutch Wikipedia to create more than 300,000 articles and on the Tamil Wiktionary to create more than 100,000 dictionary entries. I had also written the WoRMS and Category creation plugins for AutoWikiBrowser.

Offline, I help organize Wikipedian meetups in Atlanta and was involved in the formation of the Georgia Piedmont Wikimedians community user group.

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