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Ryan Gargett is a 22 year old male from Newcastle Upon Tyne situated in the North East of England (UK), he is an enthusiastic Actor and Script writer who without a doubt has a passion for Drama

Ryan attended George Stephenson High School in Killingworth and after finishing his first year of 6th form, decided to leave in a bid to build up his chances to become an actor, his one and only dream, Ryan is becoming rapidly known on the popular video sharing website YouTube, this is due to his video blog's he does explaining his life and what is happening currently for him at the moment, he is also known for doing his own versions of Doctor Who etc on his YouTube page ( which contains all the video's he has made

Ryan's drama experience goes as far back as 12 years from the small productions he did in primary school right up to his extra appearances in the popular Newcastle show 'Byker Grove' which was axed in 2006 and radio interview on BBC Radio Newcastle for Children in Need, recent work includes presenting the North Tyneside Dance Festival for 2009 & 2010, Ryan while not looking for acting work tends to do his own acting in his spare time with a simple video camera and YouTube as his stage

Things worth looking out for are his series of Doctor Who to be released soon, no doubt Ryan is certainly doing his best to become recognized!

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