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Hi, I can say I'm an experienced editor by now. My only purposes are to work on music related articles. I like to look for neglected articles of older songs, albums, etc. and work on them.

If you like Latin music and are interested in helping contribute to Latin music-related articles, then I suggest joining the Latin American music task force. One of our goals are to bring numerous Latin music-related articles to Good article, Featured article and/or Featured list status. For more info, just click the aforementioned link in bold. If you have any questions, go right ahead and ask, I'll be happy to help.

So far, I've started[edit]

Living people[edit]

Arika Kane


I'm Up, Vol. 1 - Prince Royce (album) - The Sound Of Sunshine (album) - Amarte a la Antigua - Angel (Amanda Perez album) - No Regrets (Elisabeth Withers album) - It Can Happen to Anyone - Lágrimas Cálidas - Rayando El Sol


I Love You (Faith Evans song) - You Know That I Love You (Donell Jones song) - Crashin' A Party - Die Besten Tage Sind Gezählt - Don't Stay (Laura Izibor song) - Don't Sweat That (Whistle Song) - Dance! - Siéntelo - Golden (Jill Scott song) - Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player) - No Regrets (Elisabeth Withers song) - Elvis (song) - Fuerte (song) - Yo No Sé Mañana


Lumidee discography

Pages for creation[edit]


Skeleton pages[edit]

  • The links below are pages containing the layouts for albums and song articles; including the infobox, track listing, album ratings template, charts and release history boxes, reflist and sections all compacted in one page. I like to edit manually so it's pretty much for personal use but feel free to copy and paste it to an article you are creating...yeah these came about as a result of my laziness. Don't judge me!