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This is the Wikipedia User page for Garonyldas. Here you can find information about me, including my contributions, awards, current projects, affiliations, interests and topics I'm somewhat knowledgeable about. If you have a question for me or would simply like to share your thoughts and concerns, feel free to contact me through my talk page.



Edits and Reverted Vandalism:

Goals and Projects[edit]

  • Increase contributions to projects I'm participating in.
  • Patrol articles, watching for and reverting vandalism.
  • Become more familiar with Wikipedia guidelines.


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I'm hoping to earn some awards through dedication and hard work!

Biographical Information[edit]

I'm a 21 year-old female born in Schweinfurt, Germany and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I'm the eldest of four children, with one full-brother and two half-siblings- a brother in grade school and a sister who is still a toddler.

Although I'm relatively new to computers, I'm very familiar with networking, software and hardware components of a computer. I'm mostly self taught, with a year of college as an Undergraduate major in Computer Science at Bowling Green State University. For financial reasons my education was discontinued, but I'm slated to restart as a Comp Sci major at Franklin University's online campus in early 2010. For six months I was an over-the-phone technical support agent for both consumer and business DSL customers, and it's thanks to that experience that I am more familiar with networking and computer software.

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