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Hello there.[edit]

(Most of this info is out of date. Perhaps I will update it some day.)

My name is Garrett Albright. I originally hail from, and am currently living in, the small city of Fortuna, California, USA. I have also lived in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, where I taught English as a foreign language to children and adults, and in Rohnert Park, California, where I attended Sonoma State University.

My interests are languages (I speak some Spanish and am learning Japanese), American animation (and some anime, though a great deal of it is vastly overrated), computer programming (mostly in PHP) and web site design, food and cooking, conservatism and libertarianism (to an extent), and video games.

My Wiki-philosophy[edit]

I think Wikipedia is, of every web site ever created, the one which most exemplifies the potential of the internet. It's a massive, easily-accessible source of free information which is easy to contribute to if you can improve things, whether starting a new article on a sorely-needed topic or simply correcting typos (which I do quite a bit of). Wikipedia is the greatest web site ever, and is usually my first source of information whenever I want to learn anything new.

I am a meta:Mergist. I think that information on The Simpsons characters should be on the The Simpsons page, or at most on a List of characters from The Simpsons page; having one page for every single character from this show is idiotic. Nor do we need an article for every episode.

Pages I have made substantial contributions to[edit]

Images I've contributed[edit]