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Garrettw87 (aka Garrett W.) is an age 4 WikiGryphon currently located in the East Texas, USA area. He has been interested in computers and has been using them frequently ever since his family acquired their first PC, but if he ever feels lonely, he may even avoid them. He sailed through grade school, making decent grades without doing much work, and is now paying for it to the tune of thousands of dollars wasted on college classes he didn't pass.
He has determined that he must live with other people to avoid sinking into depression due to loneliness, because that is his personality.
He also has OCD tendencies.

As of June 2010, he has completed all four courses in Cisco's CCNA Exploration program but has yet to pass the actual CCNA certification exam. As of May 2012, he has obtained an AAS in Computer Networking.

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