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Garri Atayde (Garri.Lewl in Wikipedia TL) is a debonair member of Wikipedia (TL) since May 29, 2013. In this page, he concentrates to execute his qualitative action for the incremental development of Wiki-Filipino encyclopedic articles by means of constructing connotative, and denotative texts, as well as with the practice of contextual transliteration. These terminologies, as used in the context, portray an asset of assimilation prior to the fundamental commonplace of academic application especially with the writing skills. Garri is currently a college student from University of the East Manila Campus whose taking up Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He was once a Mass Communication student who studied at Trinity University of Asia, Cathedral Heights, Quezon City, Philippines but eventually transferred to the aforementioned school, and changed his course due to some personally-acquainted contentions.

Social Media[edit]

Garri has currently two facebook accounts whereby he uses his Ang Halamang Dagat (his alternate name for profile identification) account as to update his random-time sentiments, mostly focused on love and politics. He also created a page to advance the level of entertainment brought by Philippine Hip-Hop in the name of FlipTop Memes. Aside from FlipTop Memes, he was also a former administrator of BAT ANG SLOW MO? MA LAG BA UTAK MO?, a community social media page which offers variety of web events. He acted his role as pampered using Admin FOX as his screen name. Unfortunately, due to an untoward incident happened last March, the said page was hacked by an unknown user stammered using the account of one of its administrators (Gerald Daza). From that time, the page had its new set of pseudo-administrators, as labeled by its former managers.

Contributions so far[edit]

Garri has contributed in expanding the assets of Filipino Wikipedia by editing one of its articles, Sayusay. Sayusay is the Filipino translation for the English word Rhetoric which is defined as the practice of formulating enhanced forms of communication, particularly oral and written communication skills, using a creative precision. The said article is deemed to suit his purpose for he is a fond of rhetoric. Academically, he took that course (pertaining to curricular subject) last Semester (Academic Year 2012-2013) and fortunately got a peak grade of 1.00. Numerically, most information that he used in expanding his first article were all consolidated from about 67% of his own personal knowledge and encyclopedic points of view. Provided, that he added some references as to support the phrases included.

Future Projects with Wikipedia TL[edit]

Before the end of 2013, Garri plans to enhance some of the articles subjecting to general information categories for he utters sufficient knowledge about those topics. Most especially, to topics with relation to communication and politics. Some of the probable articles are listed below:

  • Communication (Komunikasyon)- Editing the article bearing the principal objective of maximizing the information in this page as a general commonplace of information for every student.
  • 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines (Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas) - Construction of a critically-stipulated article as to cover the nature of the Philippine Constitution and its compromising fundamentals to the state.
  • Pagbasa (Reading) - Editing the article as to help maximize the contents through an academic point of view.
  • Pagsulat (Writing) - Editing the article as to help maximize the contents through an academic point of view.
  • Fundamentals of Politics (Mga Pangunahing konsepto sa pag-aaral ng Pulitika) - Deliverance of a sophisticated article showcasing the nature, significance, application, and encumbrance of politics as coherently underlined using the contemporary legal framework of the Republic of the Philippines.
  • Talumpati - Editing the article as to instill its academic objectivity.
  • Realism (Realismo) - Create an article using its political context. This will cover the so-called international relations theory, supported by transliterated sentiments gathered in different materials.
  • Sociological Liberalism (Liberalismong Sosyolohikal) - Create an article using its political context. This will cover the so-called international relations theory, supported by transliterated sentiments gathered in different materials.

The above-mentioned head topics are just a small quantity of contribution as compared to lots of articles in Wiki-Flipino which needs to be expanded; so as, he aspires for futuristic expansion of membership and individual assimilation as to help ease the concoctions of the Filipino version of Wikipedia. Despite a purely-selected depiction of articulated editing, the editor (Garri) assures that this will be a significant thing to be offered to the Wikipedia community as he gradually learns more about the fundamentals of citation, referencing, and other dissertation-situated skills so as to mobilize the credibility of each article.


The user's article is intentionally delivered using the English language as to exhibit a welcoming formality to everyone or to whoever wants to read the editor's short biographical imprints. Filipino version of this section can be modified through the external links giving the reader an access to its mainstream account. (2013)

Self-Accreditation Status[edit]

As a new member of Wikipedia, Garri has his current accredited status of having an advanced proficiency of using the Filipino Language as a primary mean of his conducive responsibility of developing Wikipedia (TL) articles. Furthermore, he has also his uplifted credibility regarding his concessions of creating articles using English language. However, as of now, he has not yet created any article with presupposing relevance to any of his encyclopedic ambitions; provided, that he currently focuses more on using his native language for the common benefit of the Filipino readers.

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