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I am a writer with a fairly wide range of interests, so my Wikipedia edits cover quite a few different areas. In addition to what's shown below, I've worked in computer science and microelectronic engineering, and I own a bookstore and newspaper in Red Lodge, Montana. My Wikipedia page is Gary D. Robson.

Closed Captioning and Court Reporting[edit]

My primary area of technical expertise is in closed captioning (I wrote the "World Book Encyclopedia" article defining closed captioning). My wife and I used to own a court reporting software company, and I was co-inventor of an ergonomic stenotype machine. I've written four books about captioning and reporting. I also hold two patents relating to closed captioning.

Where I Live[edit]

I live in Carbon County, Montana. Slowly but surely I'm trying to add information about the small towns in our area. I wrote a booklet about the Smith Mine disaster of 1943 for the Carbon County Historical Society.

My Who Pooped in the Park? Children's Books[edit]

I am the author of a series of children's guides to scats and tracks, each set in a different National Park or ecosystem. There are 19 books in the series, with the 20th scheduled for late 2015 or early 2016.

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