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This page is about the Superhero. For information about arctic surface craft, see Icebreaker.
The Icebreaker is a pseudonym for an aspiring editor who was led to Wikipedia by his stated desire to "know everything". He has been a vocal proponent of Wikipedia for years (2010 to 2015) and recently decided to take part in editing because he needs and enjoys the practice and because editing will bring him into contact with pages that he might never have chosen otherwise. He enjoys editorial work, and if not for ambivalence about collapsing printed media industries and plummeting editorial standards in news media, he would pursue a career in a relevant field.





Divulged Personal Information[edit]

Childhood in Moldova[edit]

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Views He Will Stand Behind[edit]


Ketchup is, in his opinion, and unforgivable waste of tomatoes and a sin against any food with which it comes into contact. The sugar (or corn syrup) used masks all relevant flavors and is mildly revolting when combined with naturally sour tomatoes. The majority of Americans disagree[1].

Office Supplies[edit]

Mr. Breaker has publicly stated a policy of using only gel pens as ballpoint simply aren't as pleasant to write with.