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food from fuel[edit]

However to some extent the fuel vs. food debate is fundamentally flawed because the process of making ethanol does not destroy the protein content of the food feed stock. The protein mix and flavour is changed but food can be made from the beer mash, yeast and dried by-product Distillers grains. [1][2] For each ton of ethanol you get a ton of distillers grains. There are recipes for beer mash breads and noodles can be made from them with some processing. The protein in oil seeds is also retained in the oil seed press cakes and press cake is used in industrial cooking world wide. Both are used as livestock feed. The Unami flavour of the ethanol by-product makes it useful for gravy and mock meat production. The carbohydrate removal is not a problem because many in the west have excess carbohydrate and in many third world counties Kwashiorkor is a major problem. In much of the third world Carbohydrates are often available but the protein is lacking. It should also be noted that second and third generation biofuel: cellulitic ethanol and algae oil could produce some edible protein and with care and attention to this possibility the quantity and quality of these edible by-products could be huge and world food production could actually increase. Careful labelling will be required so that those with yeast and legume allergies can avoid these biofuel by-products.
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