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Parissi P.S.C. CPA
Industry Professional services
Founded 2002; Wallace Rodríguez Parissi and Carlos Vázquez Rodríguez. Formerly know as Rodríguez Parissi Vázquez & Co.
Headquarters Flag of Puerto Rico.svg San Juan, Puerto Rico
Key people
Wallace Rodríguez Parissi – Managing Partner
Kenneth Rivera – Partner in Charge Taxes
Rafael Nieves – Partner –Audit & Assurance
Axel Ramírez – Partner –Taxes
Wigberto Marcano – Partner – Human Resources Director
Carlos Vázquez – Partner in Charge – Audit and Assurance
Services Audit, Tax, Bookkeeping, Consulting
Number of employees
Slogan [Parissi PSC... your one stop solution provider.]

'Parissi P.S.C. CPA' [[1]]is one of the top 10 local Acounting, Tax & Auditig Services[[2]] Company in Puerto Rico. Its offices are located in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

Parissi employs over 50 professional with a line of services that includes: Audit, Assurance, Business Solutions, Strategic Consulting, Corporate Finance, Investigate Account Group, Consulting, Project Management, Tax and Product Services and Bookeeping[[3]].


Early Years and Development[edit]

The firm was established in 2002 when Wallace Rodríguez Parissi and Carlos Vázquez Rodríguez started providing consulting services to the public sector under the name of Rodriguez Parissi Vazquez & Co.

Later in 2003, Wigberto Marcano joined the partnership, bringing over nine years of experience in public accounting from the Big Four firm level.

In 2005, Kenneth Rivera and Rafael Nieves were admitted to the Firm, creating a tax department and adding additional depth to the firm's audit and consulting private practice. Finally Axel Ramírez, was admitted as Tax Partner in January 2007.

Today, the partners of Parissi P.S.C. CPA bring a combined experience of over 90 years of professional services at local and international level.


Parissi P.S.C. CPA offers the following services:[4]

Major Industries[edit]

Parissi P.S.C. CPA serves the a large number of clients in the following insdustrirs

  • Commercial Organizations
  • Telecommunications
  • Government and Public Sector:
  • Non-Profit
  • Healthcare

Name and branding[edit]

KPMG building in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Roots for the name KPMG stem from the names of four partners who merged their own independent accounting firms:


Parissi P.S.C. CPA is ranked No. 11 on the Top Employers of Puerto Rico.[5]

Number CPA's Esq.
Partners 6 6 1
Directors 2
Managers 14 13 2
Seniors 19 9
Staff 14 2

Notable current and former employees[edit]


Politics and public service[edit]