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My site on Polish Wikipedia: pl:User:Gdominik100

My name is Dominik (ENG -> Dominic),
i am 18 (12.09.1998/DD.MM.YYYY) years old,
i live in Bytom, a city in Poland (country in Western Eurasia),
So more about me...

Gdominik100 is my deprecated nickname, from 2012 year my general nick is StarterX4.

Most interested in:

  • Computer Science (Operating systems, Software, Programming)
  • some Computer Games (Dota 2, Team Fortress 2)
  • Politics in World (but mostly in Eurasia)
  • Languages (Affairs like writing languages in other scripts, e.g. Polish in Cyrillic, English in Cyrillic, etc.)

Its a very hard to respond ;) I don't know... playing computer games? listening to music? programming? :p

Warning! if you not agree with me, or you feel resentful LEAVE THIS SITE!!