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Computational complexity theory: Alternating Turing machine Alternating automaton Cook's theorem DSPACE DTIME E ELEMENTARY ESPACE Exponential hierarchy FNP FP Function problem Linear speedup theorem List of complexity classes NE NESPACE NEXPSPACE NEXPTIME NSPACE NTIME PH Polynomial hierarchy Savitch's theorem Speedup theorem

Climbing: Aid climbing Belaying Bolt Clean climbing Climbing system Copperhead Eight-thousander Free climbing Nut Peak bagging Piton Sport climbing Spring loaded camming device Topographic prominence Traditional climbing

Mathematical games: Dots and Boxes Envelope paradox Game complexity Game tree Generalized game Gomoku How to solve the Knight's tour Sprague-Grundy theorem Sprouts Tic-tac-toe

Royal Navy ships: Great Harry HMS Amethyst (U16) HMS Bellerophon (1786) HMS Indefatigable (1909) HMS Kite (U87) HMS Lion (1910) HMS Mars (1794) HMS Northumberland HMS Royal Charles (1655) HMS Starling (U66) HMS Temeraire HMS Thunderer (1911)

Royal Navy personnel: Alexander Hood, 1st Viscount Bridport Alexander Hood (captain) Robert Calder Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford George Ayscue Richard Deane Robert Blake (admiral) Samuel Hood (admiral) William Penn (admiral)

Pacific War: Air raids on Darwin, February 19, 1942 Attack on Rabaul Battle of Angaur Battle of Blackett Strait Battle of Buna-Gona Battle of Cape Esperance Battle of Cape St. George Battle of Empress Augusta Bay Battle of Eniwetok Battle of Guam Battle of Kwajalein Battle of Leyte Gulf Battle of Leyte Battle of New Georgia Battle of Saipan Battle of Tinian Battle of Vella Gulf Battle of Vella Lavella Battle of the Aleutian Islands Battle off Horaniu Indian Ocean raid Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Operation Hailstorm Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse

Anglo-Dutch Wars: Battle of Dungeness Battle of Leghorn Battle of Lowestoft Battle of Plymouth Battle of Portland Battle of Scheveningen Battle of Solebay Battle of Texel Battle of the Gabbard Battle of the Kentish Knock Cornelis Tromp First Anglo-Dutch War Four Days Battle Maarten Tromp Michiel de Ruyter Raid on the Medway St. James's Day Battle Witte Corneliszoon de With

Eastern Front (WWII): Battle of Rostov (1941) Battle of Uman Battle of Voronezh (1942) Operation Saturn Timeline of the WWII Eastern Front

Imperial Japanese Navy: Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryū Japanese aircraft carrier Junyō Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō Japanese aircraft carrier Shōhō Japanese aircraft carrier Shōkaku Japanese aircraft carrier Sōryū Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku Japanese battleship Nagato Japanese cruiser Chikuma Japanese cruiser Tone Japanese destroyer Ikazuchi

Naval warfare: Age of sail Battle of Actium Battle of Camperdown Battle of Cape Finisterre (1805) Battle of Cape Finisterre Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780) Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1797) Battle of Dover Strait Battle of La Hougue Battle of Vigo Bay Battle of the Downs Battle of the Nile Battle of the Solent Carrack Convoy Fire ship 1st, First Battle of the Atlantic First battle of Cape Finisterre (1747) Galleon Galley Glorious First of June Great Michael High Seas Fleet Line of battle List of naval battles Naval operations in the American Revolutionary War Otranto Barrage Pennant number Pierre-Charles Villeneuve Quinquereme Royal Scottish Navy SMS Seydlitz 2nd, Second battle of Cape Finisterre (1747) Ship of the line Spanish Main Spanish treasure fleet 3rd Battles of Trireme Unrestricted submarine warfare Ushant

Ship classes: B class destroyer Black Swan class sloop C and D class destroyer C class destroyer (1943) E and F class destroyer Flower class corvette G and H class destroyer Havock class destroyer Hawkins class cruiser I class destroyer J and K class destroyer L and M class destroyer N class destroyer O and P class destroyer Q and R class destroyer River class frigate S and T class destroyer Town class destroyer U and V class destroyer W and Z class destroyer

Other: Anglo-Spanish War (1585) Aubrey-Maturin series Battle of Bléneau Battle of Dunbar (1650) Battle of Gazala Battle of Verdun Battle of attrition Bounding volume Capsicum Common User Access Continental time Currying Domain Name System Dynamical simulation E-mail address Electronic mail First novel in English First-class object Hepburn Hiragana Hosokawa Gracia Internet appliance Japanese grammar (talk) Japanese language (talk) Joachim Beuckelaer Katakana Leap year Legal consequences of marriage in the United Kingdom Lightweight markup language Liza Dalby MX record Middlemarch New calendarists Novel Old calendarists Patrick O'Brian Post-glacial rebound Quadrilateral Reverse DNS lookup Revised Julian calendar Rōmaji Seasonal year Serialization Shirley Shogun Sidereal day Systems Application Architecture Toolchain Viewing frustum Villette White-Jacket Year

Diagrams: Battle of Jutland map, battlecruiser and fleet actions Clade types Gomoku example game positions 1 2 3 Dot and boxes Dots and boxes strategy Eiger north face How e-mail works Hominoid taxonomy trees 2 3 4 5 6 Knight's tour diagrams 1 2 3 4 5 6 Quadrilateral hierarchy Relative height Sidereal day Sprouts game and analysis Tic-tac-toe diagrams 1 2 3 Battle of Verdun Eastern Front (WWII) maps: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Photos: Caernarfon castle Chocolate brownies Snowdon Valkyrie

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