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The Chap himself
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Hello! I am Gekedo, an actor and wikipedia editor from Clevedon in England. I am an enthusiast writer and, as the subjects I seem to know about are currently fine as they are (Ha!), I spend much of my time seeking out vandals and disputes on the recent changes page. Vandals are easier =)

Currently trying to find a few pages I can embroil myself in for the long haul...(Would be easier if I lived in an interesting city rather than this southwest doldrum! Which I think is an adjective. Hell. Might as well use it. might start a craze)

My best dramatic performance was as Captain Stanhope in Journey's End. A wonderful play, which you should read.

I'm going to start writing some articles for LGBT studies soon...give me a wee project to be a part of, eh!

So you want to vandalize our encyclopedia?[edit]

I mostly use WP:TW and popups for fighting vandalism. Other than that, it's just the diff link. I also always watch the contributions page of those I've given a high-level warning watch your back! =)

Really, though. I'm just trying to keep things decent around here. 'sall good.

Current aim[edit]

At the moment i'm thinking about trying to build myself up to become an admin. But a quick sweep of the RFA tells me that I wouldn't nearly be defined as experienced enough, so I'm holding back for a wee bit. Time to diversify, no? The vast, vast majority of my edits are TW vandalism reverts...hardly taxing stuff. Time to get down to the nitty gritty. So if anyone out there, such as anyone who has previously had a successful RFA, knows what parts of the wikipedia namespace, or otherwise, need some committed editors, give me a bell. I'm basically trying to get the experience before I feel I'm ready to make an RFA =)

To do[edit]

  1. Contribute to some of the LGBT wikiproject pages.
  2. Write my own "Pre-set" vandalism warnings. I'm not a fan of the impersonal approach...
  3. Lay off the coca-cola. They stuff'll kill you.


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