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Welcome to General Eisenhower's Page,

Let's bulid this encyclopaedia.

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                         /|  /|  |            ☺             |
                         ||__||  |    Welcome to the        |
                        /   O O\__        site of           |
                       /          \      GeneralE!          |
                      /      \     \                        |
                     /   _    \     \ ----------------------
                    /    |\____\     \     ||
                   /     | | | |\____/     ||
                  /       \|_|_|/   |    __||
                 /  /  \            |____| ||
                /   |   | /|        |      --|
                |   |   |//         |____  --|
         * _    |  |_|_|_|          |     \-/
      *-- _--\ _ \     //           |
        /  _     \\ _ //   |        /
      *  /   \_ /- | -     |       |
        *      ___ c_c_c_C/ \C_c_c_c____________

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I created the QRVS to get response quicker. You can always be a member. Just go to Quick Response Vandalism Squad. Or you can go to the link Curators to become a curator of the Eisenhower institute. You can also become a librarian of the Presidential Library. So join all you want.

I also am Chief Justice of the Wikipedia Supreme Court.

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I am a member of Wikipedia:United Nations.

Guys, don't delete this page. I am leaving Wikipedia on April 22, 2006. I have nothing on this encyclopedia left. So I am leaving. Someday, when a user sees this page they'll say "There goes General Eisenhower."

I have been convinced by Condem not to leave.

Thank you for being a hardworking Wikipedian. Paleo G

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