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I'm Geniac. Not a Geniac; I am a human being. "Geniac" has been my online name for about... ummm... 12 years or so. If I were a collection of 50-year-old hardwood and jumpers, it would be pretty tricky for me to edit Wikipedia. I wouldn't even have opposable thumbs.

To leave me a message, please use my talk page. Thanks.


I'm a participant in WikiProject Disambiguation, particularly disambiguation link repair and formatting disambiguation pages correctly.

Links to disambiguation pages that I check

Songs: Norwegian Wood, Top of the World, On Top of the World, Own My Own, Movin' On, The One and Only, One and Only, The Only One, Wonderful World, Boom, Boom Boom, Steppin' Out, Our House, Instead, Sick and Tired, Pictures of You
Albums: Platter, Bare Bones, Look Around, Live in Tokyo, Timeless, Freakshow, Disintegration
Bands: The Wedding, The Mountaineers
Genres: Inspirational
Holy shit, Holy fuck, Fuck off, Fuck It, Fuck You, F word
James Roche, Tim Walsh, Steve Austin, Eric Harris, Ashley Williams, Mitch Anderson, Brian Duffy, Dalip Singh, Bobby Henderson, Jane Kennedy, Baby Blue, Leko, Lukács, Mark Morgan, Robert Smith
Films: Manos, Heaven and Earth, Road warrior, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Disturbia, Stuck, Stick, Rocky Horror, Pulp fiction, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Fitna, Kalapani, The Village, Black Sheep, Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode IV, Episode Five, Episode VI
TV shows: Solid Gold, Moment of Truth, Three Rivers, Wipeout, Sasuke, Walking Dead, Sports World, Fast Forward, Full Frontal
War Game, Half-Life, Combine, Source, Portal, Diablo, Full Throttle, Doom, Quake, GTA, Qube, Torment
Producer, Port Arthur, Port Arthur massacre, Cartridge, Prop, Taxi, Taxi driver, Test, Danger, Minister of Commerce, Habit, Inhabit, Print, Printer, Lion's Den, Sparx, Isle of Capri, Savina, Saran, Balaclava, Mystical Seven, Boom operator, Fastweb, Daily News, Isla Muerta, Narrenturm, Funny farm, Pura, Trim, Stupid, Dope, Plus, Plus-size, Midoriyama, Wikipedia:BOX


I have found that checking incoming links to the following "articles" regularly is an easy way of finding large amounts of either blatant vandalism or test edits by new users:

Insert text, Link title, Headline text, Bold text, New Page, Insert formula here, Image:Example.jpg, Media:Example.ogg


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