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This page is bunch of personal writings and interesting info I like to collect. :)

From East to West... from North to South... from Developed to Undeveloped... a thousand conduits whisper before we say a word.

Light speed pulses. Infinite. Infinitesimal. Our world is shrinking.
I speak, it's gone. I die, it dies with me. I transmit, it lives forever.
Curling humans through space, to turbid worlds. Old stories, new futures. A butterfly flaps forever: it's only a day.
Past days are gone. Forget those damp brown days.
Our future has colour, life, speed. Our future has more.
The potential is within us. It always has been.

Europe languished. America survived.

Looking to the future... ignoring the past.
Suburban sprawl engulfing the land.
A lifeless blob, mindlessly expands.
Like birds of a feather, the rich flock together,
Are we building cities for cars or for people?

Amir Taaki's pics

Mi parolas esperante. Se vi dezirus babili min, vi povus kontaki min per aŭ skajpo aŭ repoŝto. Mesaĝu min!


MasterChief (MC1984) invented the term distributed patronage (cooler synonym for crowd-funding) 10 Feb 2012

Semi-finished works[edit]