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- Welcome to my user page -

I'm a C++ developer from Italy. I like programming, science, jogging and dogs.

I have been disillusioned with Wikipedia. When I first discovered it I was admired and rejoiced for the marvelous things I found in it. So I jumped in. Alas, I found that whatever you do to articles, they keep changing; and 99% of the time they do so without any improvement. In practice they eternally fluctuate between random levels of quality.

For that reason, I left.

Anyhow, Wikipedia —at least the English Wikipedia— is very useful as a starting point. It just isn't an encyclopedia (and shouldn't be linked to by everyone). Perhaps we have just to assimilate the new category of "wiki", i.e. a sort of dump bin for information, in addition to our traditional categories of "book", "essay", etc. ("infowiki", anyone?). So now if I spot a chance to improve something with little effort I'll probably do it anyway.

I'd love for Wikipedia to have a process with serious review, though. It would become the greatest body of knowledge the humanity has ever produced.


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