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I am considering creating a Arbitration Cabal. The Arbcab would be similar to small claims/magistrate's court and would render binding third opinions. If users can't resolve a content dispute through other means, they could file a case report with the Arbcab. By doing so, users would agree to abide by the decision. The case will be either accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, the parties will be directed to the appropriate avenue. If accepted, a restraining order will be issued. The assigned member will appoint an Advocate to represent the community, e.g. make sure the community's will (In the form of policies) is respected. After a one week period in which statements and comments can be filed, the member will render a opinion deciding the case, thus ending the dispute.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism on the talk page.


I need;

Cabal Arbitrators[edit]

Users who render opinions. Should have six months and 1000 edits, or have been a Clerk.

Interested users


Users who maintain pages. Prerequisites under discussion

Interested users


Users who review cases. Selection under discussion

Community Advocates[edit]

Advocates who appear on behalf of the community, and ensure that that applicable policies are respected. Should be an AMA member in good standing with coordinator recommendation.

Interested Advocates


Users who answer questions, assist users, and fill in as needed. Position under discussion.