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Toronto harbour at dusk

If you are considering initiating an xfd on material I started

My essays[edit]

Notes on subpages under User:Geo Swan[edit]

I have User:Geo Swan/An introduction to the notes on subpages under User:Geo Swan.


Now that I have been on the wikipedia for a while I think I ought to make greater use of my user pages to keep track of what I am working on, and the issues raised around the articles I am interested in.


requested userification[edit]


articles I want to take a look at when I have more time[edit]

User:Geo Swan/working/articles I want to take a look at when I have more time


I have created some maps for the wikipedia. And I am interested in learning how to create better ones.

Right now I am using this online map creation tool.

Public Domain images I've uploaded[edit]

User:Geo Swan/Public Domain images I've uploaded

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