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During the civil war in Afghanistan there were reports of Foreign captives of the Northern Alliance, prior to September 11, 2001.[1] Judith Miller of the New York Times reported in January 2001 that according to Ahmed Shah Massoud:

"...his soldiers were holding some 1,200 Taliban prisoners, 122 of them foreign Muslims. There are Pakistanis, an immigrant to Pakistan from the Burmese province of Arakan, Yemenis, Britons and Chinese Uigurs, among others. Interviews with several of them illustrate the attraction that Afghanistan still has for militants around the world."


Several Uyghur captives were interviewed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, while being held in the Northern Alliance's Panjshir prison.[2] Abdul Jalil and Ahmed Nur were two Uyghur expatriates, captured after being wounded in Afghanistan. Both men were alleged to have been recruited in Uyghur guest houses in Pakistan suspected of ties to Islamist militancy.

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