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American counter-terrorism analysts justified the continued extrajudicial detention, in part, of numerous Guantanamo captives because their names had been published on a list of captured mujahideen.

The use of this justification for continued detention was first made public when the Associated Press first got access to the Summary of Evidence memos of prepared for the Combatant Status Review Tribunals of 517 Guantanamo captives still held in the camp in late 2004.

On June 12 2008 the United States Supreme Court restored the Guantanamo captives' access to habeas corpus, and on July 31 2009, in United States District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's ruling on Khalid Al Mutairi's habeas corpus petition, she noted that a guard had told him that claiming to be a mujahideen would result in his name being published, so his family would know where he was.[1]:

"although Al Mutairi's name appeared on public lists of captured al-Qaida fighters, this was not evidence enough to prove connections to the terrorist group, the court added, because Al Mutairi had volunteered the information to a guard in 2001, after being told it would be published so his family would know where he was. The list then appeared in the Kuwait news as a list of detained al-Qaida fighters."

Captives who faced the allegation they were named on a list of captured mujahideen[edit]

The captives who faced this allegation included:

Captives allegedly named on a list of captured mujahideen
isn nationality name notes
005 Saudi Abdallah Aiza al Matrafi
038 Tunisia Ridah Bin Saleh al Yazidi
053 Saudi Saud Dakhil Allah Muslih al Mahayawi
091 Yemen Abdul al Saleh
132 Saudi Arabia Abdul Salam Ghetan
149 Yemen Salim Ahmed Hamdan
158 Saudi Majid Abdallah Husayn Muhammad al Samluli al Harbi
159 Bahrain Abdullah al Noaimi
168 Tunisia Adel Bin Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Hkiml
175 Algeria Hassan Mujamma Rabai Said


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