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Personal biases

As someone that frequently edits articles on contentious topics, it may help to disclose some of my personal opinions on these topics.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

I'm in favor of the one-state solution. I think there should be a country, named Israel, which includes the current country of Israel, as well as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinian residents of those areas would be granted Israeli citizenship, and equal rights. The Golan Heights would be returned to Syria. Palestinians outside of the current state of Israel, who could prove they were living in that area before 1948, would be granted Israeli citizenship to satisfy their "right of return" (they would be a relatively small group, all at least 62 years old). Their descendants would not automatically get citizenship, though there could be a process by which they could apply for it through their relatives.

The biggest (only?) obstacle to such a solution is the concept of Israel as a Jewish state. I'm not a fan of any official state religions, whether it be Judaism for Israel, Catholicism for the Vatican, or Islam for Saudi Arabia. I'm opposed to discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, and a whole host of other factors. I also don't think Israel's identity as Jewish state is sustainable, as Arab Israeli have a higher birthrate than their Jewish Israeli counterparts, meaning the latter can only maintain a majority for so long.