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The version on the SVN is outdated. Please contact me for an updated version. (I could never get googlecode SVN to work)

GMWikipediaBot (GeorgeMoney's Wikipedia Bot Framework) is a bot framework for Wikipedia written in PHP.

Note: While this bot works, there are still some things that need to be fixed a little. Use at your own risk.

How much PHP do I need to know?[edit]

Minimum PHP knowledge is required to run this framework (all you need to know is the basic syntax, which is alot like C), but intermediate or advanced is recommended so your bot will be more powerful and functional.

What version of PHP do I need?[edit]

This framework can run on either PHP4 or PHP5 and has an internal sensor to run specific code requiring specific php version. For example, some of the HTML parsing functions use the PHP5 dom document functions to parse, but if it is PHP4 it uses regex (both ways are functional)

Do I need to install anything extra?[edit]

It only uses extensions of php that are enabled by default, which means you don't need to download anything from PECL or worry about re-compiling php.

Where can I use this?[edit]

You can use this framework on any site that supports MediaWiki.

Where is the documentation?[edit]

We are still writing the documentation and plan to release it soon

Why the name?[edit]

Well, I originally thought of naming it phpwikipedia like all the other Bot Frameworks out there such as pywikipedia.

I emailed the PHP group about the name and they said i could use it but they would prefer i not use it.

So I just came up with this name.

What is it licensed under?[edit]

It is licensed under the GNU General Public License

How can I download it?[edit]

With your favorite SVN client use: svn checkout gmwikipediabot

Who develops this?[edit]

The current developers are:

Can I help?[edit]

Sure! If you know PHP and want to help develop this bot, please leave a message on GeorgeMoney's talk page or talk to him on on the nick GeorgeMoney.