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George Stepanek is a senior software developer in New Zealand. He has an M.A. from the University of Cambridge, and has gained certification as an architect in both J2EE and .NET.

George is the author of Software Project Secrets: Why Software Projects Fail [ISBN 1590595505]. This is the first book to analyse and address the conflicts between software development and project management. The book identifies ten hidden assumptions in project management that aren't valid for software projects. Agile methodologies can fix some of these problems, and the book also describes seven further techniques to help fix the rest.

He lives in Oranga, a suburb of Auckland, with his cute but attention-seeking Silver Abyssinian cat, Hermes. His interests include weight training, Go, photography and travel.

Noting the paucity of articles relating to weight training, he has rewritten the weight training article to featured article status, and contributed articles about Body for Life, dumbbells, barbells, the Smith machine, the cable machine, the leg press, the squat, the crunch and overtraining (amongst others).

He displays his mild inclusionist tendencies by occasionally attempting to salvage articles with potential from AFD, e.g. Thursday October Christian, Delimited, Eyre legend, sugar addiction and war savings stamps. However, he prefers not to enter such debates unless he can bring new ideas to the table.

His 2500th edit was on 13 June 2006, but this number doesn't include several hundred deleted edits (nominations for AFD, prod and speedy) and a couple of hundred edits on Meta.