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Formerly "Gh87". This is my real name; however, if there are more than one "George Ho", I apologize: give me a message in my talk page, so I will go to WP:Rename again someday.

One thing for sure: I am not the Hong Kong entrepreneur, George Ho Ho-chi (何佐芝). Instead, my Chinese name is George Ho Kim-faan (何錦寬). Pronounce it as Ho Gam-Foon, He Jin-kuan, Ha Geum-gwan (하금관), or Hà Gấm Khoăn, but I do not speak varieties of Chinese well, even Hakka Chinese. And I do not speak Korean language and Vietnamese language.

Actually, is Gấm, Gắm, Cẫm, or Củm;[1] is Khoăn or Khoan.[2]


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My Shameless Hall of Failed Proposals[edit]

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Halls of shame, I'm afraid[edit]

Hall of records[edit]

My longest-running DYK nominations: Template:Did you know nominations/Shooting of Walter Scott and Template:Did you know nominations/2015 Baltimore protests (86 days—tied)

"2015 Baltimore protests" article was nominated as previously a 2nd article for another article, "Death of Freddy Gray", which was nominated three days prior and then appeared In the News, rendering Death of... article ineligible.

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Note to self[edit]

See User:George Ho/Note to self

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