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Hi everyone! This is my page. Please don't vandalise it. I am fairly new to Wikipedia, but my interests and hobbies include the following:

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- Mowing my lawns

- Studing at MIT

- Playing Dungeons and Dragons

- Collecting Maurits Cornelis Escher's works of art

- Drinking Earl Grey tea

- Polishing my car's rims

- Collecting mint action figures

- Reading Steven Hawking

- Updating my MySpace page

- Memorising pi

- Brushing my teeth

- Mayonnaise

- Minesweeper

- Writing applications in Pascal

- Vector calculus

- Soldering

- Listening to the theme song from Happy Days

- Playing Table Tennis

- Trivia

- JavaScript

- Klingon

- Riding my Segway

- Collecting X-men comic books

- Wearing my favourite pocket protector

- Mucking around with my ergonomic keyboard

- Shopping online for writable media

- Editing Wikipedia

- Memorizing Holy Grail

- Making websites in HTML

- I was in AV Club and Glee Club and the Chess Team

- Bubble wrap

- Hanging out at Renaissance Fair

- Labelling my underwear

- Bowling

- Repairing watches