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First edit August 27, 2003 ([1])
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My name is Konstantinos Stampoulis, aka Geraki as a volunteer in the Wikimedia movement.

Wikipedia user since 2003.

Admin and bureaucrat in el.wikipedia since 2005, and admin and bureaucrat in el.wikisource. Also I am an OTRS agent.

I am a 100wikidays survivor, but also a gadget creator and bot owner.

I also contribute to Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and do translations in MediaWiki wiki, translatewiki and Meta.

I organise outreach activities since 2009. I am a member of Wikimedia Community User Group Greece. I have attended Wikimedia Conference and Wikimania.

Most of my outreach activities are around the Wikipedia Education Program, in several departments in the University of Thessaloniki, some GLAM related activities (e.g Thesswiki, and organizing the first Wiki Loves X contests in Greece.

Out of Wikimedia I also contribute to OpenStreetMap, translate free software applications, and I am a member of Open Knowledge Foundation Greece and GreekLUG.

You can find about me at


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