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Article description Country Start date End date Image
John X. Merriman South African politician United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
John X Merriman - P Lewsen.jpg
Theophilus Ebenhaezer Dönges South African politician South Africa
P. W. Botha South African prime minister South Africa
PW Botha 1962.jpg
Louis Botha South African politician South Africa
Louis Botha.jpg
B. J. Vorster politician from South Africa and seventh Prime Minister of South Africa South Africa 1966-09-13 1978-10-02
John Vorster.jpg
Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 until his assassination in 1966 South Africa 1958 1966
HF Verwoerd Transvaler.jpg
Johannes Gerhardus Strijdom politician and fifth Prime Minister of South Africa South Africa 1954-11-30 1958-08-24
Hans Strijdom.jpg
Daniel François Malan South African Prime Minister South Africa 1948-06-04 1954-11-30
Jan Christiaan Smuts military leader, politician and statesman from South Africa Union of South Africa 1939-09-05 1948-06-04
Jan Christiaan Smuts.jpg
James Barry Munnik Hertzog Boer general South Africa 1924-06-30 1939-09-05
JBM Hertzog - SA.jpg
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