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Article description Country Year Image
Aidan J. Horner cognitive neuroscientist 2018
Claire Haworth 2017
Rachael E. Jack United Kingdom 2017
Michael Banissy British psychologist United Kingdom 2016
Iroise Dumontheil 2015
Roi Cohen Kadosh researcher Israel 2014
Roi 2016.jpg
Jonathan Roiser 2013
Angelica Ronald British psychologist 2012
Essi Viding Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences, a director of the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit and an associate of the Institute of Psychiatry Finland 2011
Essi Viding.JPG
Emily Holmes psychologist 2010
Matt Field 2009
Tom Manly researcher 2008
Christopher Chambers 2007
Richard John Crisp psychologist United Kingdom 2006
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore British neuroscientist United Kingdom 2006
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, University College London.jpg
Padraic Monaghan 2005
Jolanda Jetten 2004
Thalia C. Eley British psychologist United Kingdom 2002
Thalia Eley.jpg
Gregory R. Maio psychologist 2001
Kate Nation 2000
Simon Killcross 1999
Francesca Happé British neuroscientist 1998
Francesca Happe.jpg
Neil Macrae British psychologist United Kingdom 1997
Nick Chater 1996
Michael Oaksford 1995
Jon Driver British neuroscientist 1994
Peter W. Halligan 1993
Usha Goswami British Neuroscientist & scholar 1992
Jane Oakhill 1991
Simon Baron-Cohen psychologist and author United Kingdom 1990
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen.jpg
Susan Gathercole Research psychologist United Kingdom 1989
Stephen Dunnett British neuroscientist United Kingdom 1988
Miles Hewstone British psychologist United Kingdom 1987
Glyn W. Humphreys British psychologist United Kingdom 1986
Charles Hulme British psychologist United Kingdom 1985
Geoffrey Beattie British psychologist 1984
Trevor W. Robbins British academic 1981
Gregory V. Jones 1980
Howard Giles British-American linguist and social psychologist United States of America 1978
Edmund Rolls British psychologist 1976
David J. Wood 1975
Philip Johnson-Laird American psychologist United Kingdom
United States of America
Susan Iverson 1973
Kevin J. Connolly 1970
Peter B. Warr 1969
Alan Cowey British neuroscientists United Kingdom 1967
Anne Treisman English psychologist United States of America
United Kingdom
Honorary degree recipient Anne Treisman speaking at Congregation ceremony 2004.jpg
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