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Wikipedia on your desktop[edit]

You can copy and paste the Wikipedia search box in an HTML file. Add some formatting to get rid of unnecessary padding and you can add it to your desktop. <hipe>Your favourite online encyclopaedia at your fingertips!</hipe>

Suggested code[edit]

<body style=margin:0;overflow:hidden>
      value=Go />
background:white url(wikisearch.bmp) no-repeat fixed top right;
border:1 solid gray"
      type=text />

Enter a keyword, press enter. It's that simple.


WikiCheck is a tool designed to make checking your watchlist easier.

Short feature list, instructions and source code


Personal scripts go here.


IME Part of Speech[edit]

Whoever got the job of translating the Part of Speech dropdown in the Japanese IME apparently got bored halfway. Here's the full list, although I don't understand all the terms fully.

  • 名詞(Noun)
  • 形容詞(Adjective)
  • 形容動詞(Nominal adjective)
  • 副詞(Adverb)
  • 連体詞(Adnoun)
  • 接続詞(Conjunction)
  • 感動詞(Interjection)
  • 接頭語(Prefix)
  • 接尾語(Suffix)
  • さ変名詞(Noun that becomes a verb when followed by -suru. Decision etc.)
  • ざ変名詞(Noun that changes to a verb when followed by -zuru. Life etc.)
  • 形動名詞(Gerund form)
  • 副詞的名詞(Adverbial noun)
  • さ変形動名詞(Deformation in the gerund???)
  • 人名(Person's name)
  • 姓(Surname)
  • 名(Name)
  • 地名その他(Geographical name)
  • 固有名詞(Proper noun)
  • あわ行五段(-u Godan)
  • か行五段(-ku Godan)
  • が行五段(-gu Godan)
  • さ行五段(-su Godan)
  • た行五段(-tsu Godan)
  • な行五段(-nu Godan)
  • ば行五段(-bu Godan)
  • ま行五段(-mu Godan)
  • ら行五段(-ru Godan)
  • 一段動詞(Ichidan verb)
  • 姓名接頭語(Name prefix)
  • 地名接頭語(Place name prefix)
  • 姓名接尾語(Name suffix)
  • 地名接尾語(Place name suffix)
  • 序数詞(Ordinal)
  • 顔文字(Smiley)
  • その他自立語(Other independent (freestanding) words)
  • 慣用句(Idiom)
  • 独立語(Independent word)
  • 抑制単語(Suppression word???)

Code snippets[edit]

These were written as a result of talk page discussions on Wikipedia.

My ever changing list of useful links[edit]

User:Yann/Untagged Images Wikipedia:Image copyright tags Wikipedia:Manual of Style Lili Marleen Special:Watchlist/edit User:Jitse Niesen/Client-side_preferences/Main.js (have a look at save-via-http-req) Rodrigues' rotation formula meta:API Template talk:AFV#Changed_fontSize_to_92.25 Image:California state flag.png FM Towns Cornelis Johannes Van Doorn Johannis de Rijke Titia Bergsma About Chinese and Korean name translations Trademark, Schmademark SafeArray m:SVG fonts yuureimoji java.lang.ref Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (Japan-related articles)#Fantasy_characters_in_.22Names_of_companies.2C_products.2C_and_organizations.22 Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (dates and numbers) James Maidment commons:COM:TM#Digital_editing_required Syntax Highlight Extension


nlDeze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
en-2This user can contribute with an intermediate level of English.
de-2Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.
la-2Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
af-1Hierdie gebruiker het 'n basiese begrip van Afrikaans.

I added this box because it makes it easy for people to find me when something needs translating.

  • Dutch: native speaker
  • English: good grade in grammar school
    I use English daily, but sometimes I may "get stuck" when speaking.
  • German: good grade in grammar school
    I don't use German that often, so I have to look up technical terms.
  • Latin: good grade in grammar school
    Unfortunately we only translated from Latin in class, so my active Latin skills are limited.
  • Afrikaans: resembles Dutch very much
    Afrikaans resembles Dutch so much that I am usually able to comprehend it. Conversely a native Afrikaans speaker can comprehend me without difficulty.

I own dictionaries for all these languages except Afrikaans.

Cuddles from the German wiki![edit]

I quote:

Die Wikipedia ist eine Enzyklopädie.
Die Wikipedia ist ein Wiki.
Die Wikipedia ist super.
Die Wikipedia hat euch lieb.
Die Wikipedia knuddelt euch.

Licencie (Licence)[edit]

Ik behoud mijzelf het recht voor om mijn bijdragen, hetzij afzonderlijk, hetzij allemaal tezamen, aan derden in licencie te geven onder andere voorwaarden.

The following translation of the Dutch statement above is provided here for your convenience. However no rights can be deduced from it. In particular, should the two versions differ in any way, only the Dutch version will be considered binding.

I reserve myself the right to multi-license any or all of my contributions to third parties.

For being the first person to solve Problem 1 in my puzzle collection, I, User:JMBell, award you this Random Act of Kindness barnstar. May it bring happiness to your heart and the desire to answer more of life's unanswered questions.