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Info and refs for some future pages, I may create and/or expand. I have the complete articles from Country Life on the buildings; please let me know if you want anything looked up or reffed.

Seems OK to upload [1] images from these.

*Ditton Place, Sussex. Ref:Country Life. July 1 1911. P18. Built 1904. Now converted to 12 apartments [2]. So would make a good page of then and now page. Good easy plan to draw.

  • Normanby Park Ref:Country Life. July 29 1911. P170. Known om Wikipedia as Normanby Hall; this is a good one to do, as presently a limited stub, but has some good modern images to accentuate the then and now aspect. Doubly good as brilliant plan shows SQs twice the size of the house, do they stil stand? - Go for it!
  • Trerice Ref:Country Life. Aug 5 1911. P206. Been here and have modern guide and photos. Limited stub at the moment.
  • Pinkie House, Musselburgh. Ref:Country Life. Aug 12 1911. P240 Fairly good page already, but scope for improvement.
  • Caroline Park. Midlothian. Ref:Country Life. Aug 19 1911. P276. Brilliant! This one has decayed and just been restored, would make a brilliant page. Good easy plan too
  • Belton House. Ref:Country Life. Aug 26 1911. P308. (already an FA)
  • Grey Walls, Gullane. Ref:Country Life. Sept 9 1911. P377. Lutyens. - claims "it and Gosford ower their building to the game of golf"! Now a hotel [3].
  • FCS (BG):P403
  • Hatton House, Midlothian. Ref:Country Life. Sept 16 1911. P408. Thi sis now demolished, half decent page already. Good plan - easy to draw and would be quite effective as a virtual plan.
  • Tattershall Castle Ref:Country Life. Sept 16 1911. P422. Outraged letter deploring the restoration - "barbarism and folly" (presumably by Curzon who appears to have been the anonymous perpetrator at the time) It appears to have been a widely held view as CL then jumps in with its own photos from 1903. This could be a good, interesting adition to the Wiki page, as Curzon is now regarded as the castle's saviour.
  • Dalkeith Palace. Ref:Country Life. October 7 1911. P510. Fair current article, seems ot have been institutionlised about 1914 - so may be good to expand and use interior photos as how it was.
  • Quenby Hall, Leicestershire. Ref:Country Life. October 14 1911. P550. Continues on p590. No existing page, but the house seems to be still healthily existing [4] Interesting plan, almost identical to Montacute - I wonder if that has been mentioned elswhere?
  • Hinwick Hall, Bedfordshire. Ref:Country Life. October 28 1911. P628. appears to be some sort of care home today [5]
  • Hurtwood Surrey. Ref:Country Life. November 18 1911. New and twee , Tudorbethan personified! Ref:Country Life. November 18 1911. p742. Apparently by Norman Shaw, the article is already explaining it's not quite as he designed it! Today, seems to be some kind of minor public school [6].
  • Stanton Court. Ref:Country Life. October November 25 1911. P784. This is ringing bells, not sure why. seems to be stil standing [7].
  • Penshurst Place. Ref:Country Life. October December 2 1911. P844, continued p894.
  • Salford Hall, Warwickshire, Ref:Country Life. December 16 1911. p932.Interetsing, looks medieval, but smartened up with some Dutch gables. Now a hotel [8].
  • Château de Serrant, Maine et Loire. Ref:Country Life. December 23 1911. p968 Wiki page is a sad orphan, might be fun to spice it up
  • Melville House, Fife. Ref:Country Life. December 30 1911. p1006. currently a stub, seems to have a sad history since the CL article was written, but still standing - just. Nice easy plan to draw.

  • Moor Park, Hertfordshire. Ref: Country Life, Jan 13th 1912. I did some work on it years ago - not very interesting
  • Westbrook, Godalming. Ref:Country Life. Jan 20 1912. P92. Built about 1901. Says :"It represents the seeds of architecture sown by William Morris and Philip Webb." Looks like Lutyens. Might be some good quotes to use in there.
  • Falkland Palace, Fife. Ref:Country Life. Jan 27th 1912. P130. Current page very poor.
  • The Court House, East Quantoxhead.* Ref: Country Life. Fen 3rd 1912. P168. This might be a good one, lots of plans and cyrrently a very private house with little or no public acess. Seems not to be a page at present. Some refs in the Somerset Country House book. Lower study, case 7.
  • Markenfield Hall. Yorkshire. Ref:Country Life. Feb 10th 1912. P206. V old medieval, appears to be still owned by same family - current page a good stub - one good image,
  • Chesters, Humshaugh, Norman Shaw. Ref:Country Life. Feb 17th 1912. P244. Chesters (Humshaugh) currently a stub suitble for development, but too dificult to draw plans for.
  • Balcaskie, Fife. Ref:Country Life. March 2 1912. P318. Present page a bit stubby, easy plan to draw.

  • Claydon House. Ref:Country Life. March 2 1912. P357. well enough known, already written some of the existing page. Carries on for 2 weks. Some good photos showing it as a furnished house rather than the sterile interiors today and rooms not open today. Some good plans showing all wings and how it was supposed to be - could do a good mock up to illustrate original intention.
  • Ewelme Down, Oxfordshire. Ref:Country Life. March 23 1912. P430. Not my sort of thing at all. designed by one Walter Cave seems to be an overfaithful Tudor revival - to the extent it appears a fake rather than a revival. Quite interesting example of what money could build in early 29th century. good interiors. Bit about it today here [9].
  • Muchelney Abbey, Somerset. Ref:Country Life. April 6 1912. P506. Seems to be at odd with page here, as in 1912 we have a country house far from ruined. Must be what is kown as Abbot's house today.
  • Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire. Ref:Country Life. April 12 1912. P542. Tres grand Palladian on the grandioso. Today, privatley open [10], but not a lot about it out there, so could be a good one to do. Wikipedia gives it a small plug here [11].
  • Balls Park, Hertfordshire. Ref:Country Life. April 20 1912. P578. I think I know enough about this one!
  • Wren's House and Pallant House, Chichester. Ref:Country Life. April 27 1912. P614. I'd never stay awake to finish it. Seems the latter is now an art gallery. So might be interesting to add a little a bout the building.
  • Lambay, Ireland. Ref:Country Life. May 4 1912. P650. Ancient castle restored and extended by Lutyens - so coul dbe interetsing. Current page has little mention of it.
  • Buckhurst Park, Sussex. Ref:Country Life. May 11 1912. P686. Nice one - old and what looks like Lutyens again Bolebroke Castle looking ruinous. Follow this sone up - this is my sort of page. Website only tells what they want you to know [12] does not mention that it was leased by Mr and Mrs Robert Benson, for whom Sir Edwin Lutyens designed additions to the house which they have now razed.
  • Knole, Kent. Ref:Country Life. May 25 1912. P772 continues (pic of hidden woman)pictures of many rooms
  • Drayton House, Northamptonshire. Ref:Country Life. June 15 1912. P898 {old and interesting, no much oninternet already - not properly open to the public [13] - so could be a good one to do. Good plans, not to hard to draw. Continues on P934 - unless anything has been deolished this is an amazing one to be so little known A Baroque fron "Sir John german's South Front"
  • Threntham Hall Ref:Country Life. May 4 1912. Supplement Piii. Advert for the urns nd ballustrade (£200) from roof as the house is being demolished. perfect for. my big page.
  • Ref:Country Life. May 4 1912 Supplement pv "The work of Mr E L Lutyens" Includes a lot on Lambay castle amd many other houses complete with plans. Much of it on Papilion Hall - I've seen pictures of this house (or one very like it) seems to have been demolished [15] in 1950 - could be a god one for Exploding Houses. Not sure it's the same one [16], Cl is talking about Lutyens. Seems Lutyens worked on the earlier house [17].