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I'm Mike Dickison (,, Adzebill on Twitter), I'm the New Zealand Wikipedian at Large, supported by a one-year project grant from the Wikimedia Foundation. My job is to help heritage and research organisations engage with Wikimedia projects as a Wikipedian in Residence, and support the New Zealand editing community through meetups and workshops.

I'm a zoologist by training, interested in the evolution of extinct flightless birds such as moa, and the evolutions and conservation of endangered New Zealand insects. I coordinate the Wikipedia and Commons components of Critter of the Week (see below), a radio showcase for overlooked rare species.

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Critter of the Week[edit]

Since 2015 I've been helping with RNZ Critter of the Week, a weekly radio broadcast by Nicola Toki and Jesse Mulligan on native species both endangered and neglected. I and other editors improve or create the article for each species discussed: Jesse and I chat about in this interview. Good examples are the Open Bay Islands leech, New Zealand giraffe weevil, and Mercury Islands tusked weta. Critter of the Week has a Wikipedia project page with a complete list of all critters to date and links to each broadcast. Feel free to help!

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