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My work
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Articles I've created:
Alfred Holmes | Alive (Breed 77 song) | Anthony Lima | Blind (Breed 77 song) | Capital punishment in Gibraltar | Clive Finlayson | Danny Felice | Davina Camilleri | Devil's Gap Footpath | Education in Gibraltar | Financial services in Gibraltar | Forbes' Quarry | George Palao Georgina Cassar | Gerard Teuma | Gibraltar Barbary Macaques | Gibraltar by-election, 2013 | Gibraltar National Day | Gibraltar passport | Gibraltar sovereignty referendum, 1967 | Gibraltarian cuisine | Gibraltarian people | Gustavo Bacarisas | John Mackintosh (philanthropist) | Julio Alcantara | Kaiane Aldorino | La Última Hora | Larissa Dalli | List of Gibraltarians | List of reptiles and amphibians in Gibraltar | Look at Me Now (Breed 77 song) | Maroua Kharbouch | Mayor of Gibraltar | Olga Zammit | Paul Isola | Pedro Caparros López | Roman Catholic Bishop of Gibraltar | Sacarello's | Shadows (Breed 77 song) | Silene tomentosa | Simón Susarte | Solomon Levy | Stuart Cavilla | Taxi (Gibraltar band) | The Message (EP) | The River (Breed 77 song) | Vehicle registration plates of Gibraltar | Vol. 1 (EP) | World's On Fire

Articles I've co-created or substantially contributed to:
Alonso Hernández del Portillo | Charles Caruana | Dorothy Ellicott | Doves (Gibraltar) | El Anunciador | El Calpense | El Faro de Gibraltar | Gibraltar Medallion of Honour | Gibraltar Museum | Gibtelecom | Giovanni Battista Calvi | Hattersley Memorandum | Irish Town | John Mackintosh Square | Joseph Triay | Juan Mateos | Juan Romero de Figueroa | King's Bastion | Panorama (Gibraltar) | Tommy Finlayson

{{Agencies and Authorities of Gibraltar}} | {{Country flag IOC alias GIB}} | {{Country IOC alias GIB}} | {{Cuisine of the Mediterranean}} | {{Gibraltar by-election, 2013}} | {{Gibraltar Chief Minister}} | {{Governors of Gibraltar}} | {{Sieges of Gibraltar}} | {{User ancestry Gibraltar}} | {{User ancestry Malta}} | {{User Breed 77}} | {{user cajon}} | {{User Flamenco}} | {{user flamenco guitar}} | {{User Gibraltarian}} | {{User Hispanophile}} | {{User Ju-Jitsu}} | {{User Llanito}} | {{User Mediterranean}} | {{User Product Design}} | {{User Uni Ports}} | {{User Visit England}} | {{User Visit France}} | {{User Visit IOM}} | {{User Visit Malta}} | {{User Visit Morocco}} | {{User Visit NIreland}} | {{User Visit Portugal}} | {{User Visit Spain}} | {{WikiProject Gibraltar Invite}}


Picture of the day
The Roses of Heliogabalus

The Roses of Heliogabalus is an 1888 painting by the Anglo-Dutch artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema. It depicts a probably invented episode from the life of the Roman emperor Heliogabalus, taken from the Augustan History, in which the emperor smothers some dinner guests with drifts of pink rose petals falling from a false ceiling above. The painting is owned by the Spanish-Mexican billionaire businessman and art collector Juan Antonio Pérez Simón.

Painting: Lawrence Alma-Tadema
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I started GibraltarpediA, the world's first Wikipedia city in June 2012. See how you can contribute here!

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Countries and territories I have lived in
Gibraltar · Andalusia · England

Countries and territories I have visited
Malta · Madeira · Portugal · Morocco · Ceuta · France · Northern Ireland · Isle of Man · Canary Islands · Italy · Vatican City · Netherlands · Germany

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