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I'm Gilliam, a Wikipedian since 2005. As an administrator I might control vandalism or patrol the new pages. As a writer, I usually focus on U.S. geographical features. Wik-hopping leads me to most areas of the encyclopedia, and I revel landing on the better-than-expected article. The encyclopedia could use your help, too! Please cite your sources (see toolbox below).

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Citing sources
  • ProveIt GT (Highly recommended!)
    • Enable ProveIt at your preferences under 'Gadgets'. It will appear thereafter in articles when you click Edit. Copy and paste items needed into the boxes, such as URL, page title, etc. Use Preview function for optimal results.
  • Citation Tool for Google Books (Highly recommended!)
    • Search digitized books database at Google Books for subject matter. Once you find a page containing what you need, copy and past URL into the Citation Tool, and it will automatically generate a ref you can add directly to Wikipedia.
  • Google Newspaper Archive
    • The free Google Newspaper Archive is a searchable database of old newspapers. Once you find the article you need, copy/paste URL, date, author, etc. into ProveIt.
  • User:Dispenser/Reflinks
    • This tool automatically converts bare URLs into bot-generated inline refs.
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