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I'm Gilliam, a Wikipedian since 2005. As an administrator and active editor, I strive to maintain a balance between volunteer admin duties and free writing contributions.

At the moment, I enjoy improving the history section of any U.S. town, especially small, unincorporated communities, formerly having focused on topics pertaining to my native Cincinnati–Northern Kentucky metropolitan area.

Handy sources for researching include Google Books, Google Newspapers, and when on-line sources are not available, public library (PLCH) books. New users may find a useful list of online referencing tools below...


Citing sources
  • ProveIt GT (Highly recommended!)
    • Enable ProveIt at your preferences under 'Gadgets'; it will then appear in in the edit box. Create references by filling in fields such as URL, page title, etc.
  • Citation Tool for Google Books (Highly recommended!)
    • Search database at with desired keyword(s). Once you find a page containing what you need, copy and paste page URL into the Citation Tool, and it will instantly generate a ref you can add directly to Wikipedia
  • HathiTrust Digital Library similar to Google Books
  • Google Newspaper Archive
    • The free Google Newspaper Archive is a searchable database of old newspapers. Once you find the article you need, copy/paste URL, date, author, etc. into ProveIt.
Counter vandalism

N.B. I encourage any vandal fighter to tick "Hide my edits from the watchlist" in the "Watchlist" section in your preferences. This will allow you to better monitor recent changes.


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