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Hi my name is Gillis. There's not much information about me on this page but if you want to know something then don't be shy to ask on my discussion-page. There might also appear something some day on my webpage

But the basics are: I live in Helsinki, Finland. I have a master's degree in engineering physics and applied mathematics from the Helsinki University of Technology. I currently work with quantitative methods and algorithms in the financial sector.

I got the habit of wikipedia-writing some time in 2005, and after the initial addiction I've settled to a more passive use of wikipedia as a tool with spurious article improvements now and then.

My biggest grief on wikipedia is (as someone put it on a talk page) "[People] taking what is essentially a minor internal dispute on an international arena in an improper way.". I've spent too much time reverting stupid POV-vandalism on a number of articles you'll probably find fast in my contribs. But I've decided to put less of my time on this, because there are smarter things to contribute.

I've also edited on a number of other language wikipedias(sv,fi,de,fr). I even have a account and watchlist i seldom check. I definitely like the en.wikipedia best, because I feel true internationality brings better neutrality.

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