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Pages created[edit]

Aaron Bodansky, Aalenirhynchia, Aberia (brachiopod), Aboriginella, Abrekia, Alan Graham Apley, Alexis Joffroy, Alfred Fabian Hess, Alfred Gordon, Alice St. Clair, Allen B. Kanavel, Alois Epstein, Antonio Cardarelli, Arthur Bankart, Arthur Earl Walker, Aschheim-Zondek test, Ashby technique, Auberger's blood group, Aubrey Otis Hampton, Auenbrugger's sign, August Siegrist, Bancroft's sign, Bastian-Bruns sign, Becker's sign, Bekhterev-Jacobsohn reflex, Bekhterev-Mendel reflex, Bielschowsky's head tilt test, Bing's sign, Boas' point, Bodansky unit, Bosworth fracture, Brissaud's reflex, Broadbent inverted sign, Broadbent sign, Brodie-Trendelenburg percussion test, Brudziński cheek sign, Brudziński neck sign, Brudziński symphyseal sign, Brudziński reflex, Bruns ataxia, Bruns nystagmus, Bumper fracture, Burton line, Camille Biot, Carey Coombs murmur, Carlos Gamna, Carvallo's sign, Casal collar, Casoni test, Cecilio Romaña, Charles Clayton Dennie, Charles Dettie Aaron, Charles Gandy, Charles Gilbert Chaddock, Charles McBurney (disambiguation), Charles McBurney (surgeon), Charles Skinner Hallpike, Chopart's fracture-dislocation, Churchill-Cope reflex, Claybrook sign, Clutton's joints, Comby sign, Conrad Ramstedt, Constantin Chessec Pastia, Cornell's sign, Crichton-Browne sign, Cruveilhier-Baumgarten bruit, Cruveilhier-Baumgarten disease, Dahl's sign, David Henry Goodsall, David M. Bosworth, David Riesman (physician), Dennie-Marfan syndrome, Destot's sign, Doi's sign, Duroziez's disease, Duverney fracture, Edmund Leser, Edward Delos Churchill, Edward Hallaran Bennett, Edward Harrison (physician), Edwin Claybrook, Elschnig spots, Essex-Lopresti fracture, Fife House, Forchheimer spots, Fox's sign, Frank W. Crowe, Frank Wild Holdsworth, Frederic Foley, Frederick Forchheimer, Friedrich von Müller, Gallavardin phenomenon, Gamna-Favre bodies, Gandy-Gamna nodules, Gaspar Casal, Geneva score, George Emerson Brewer, George Henry Fox, George S. Phalen, Giles Walker, Gonda's sign, Gordon's sign, Gosselin fracture, Graham Steell, Greenwich District Hospital, Griffith's sign, Gustav Alexander, Gut (journal), Hampton's line, Hannington-Kiff sign, Hans Curschmann, Hans Heinrich Georg Queckenstedt, Hatchcock's sign, Heinrich Adolf Gottron, Henry Burton (physician), Hermann Julius Gustav Wächter, Hess test, Holdsworth fracture, Hugh Pemberton, Hume fracture, Hutchinson's pupil, Hutchinson's sign, Isaak Abelin, James Read Chadwick, James Walker Dawson, Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Dance, Jean-François Calot, Joffroy's sign, Johann Hoffmann, John Berton Carnett, John Homans, John Howship, John Parkinson (physician), John Rhea Barton, Jolly's test, Jonathan Dow, José Manuel Rivero Carvallo, Josef Arneth, Joseph Louis Irenée Jean Abadie, Juhn Atsushi Wada, Jules Tinel, Kallirhynchia, Kanavel's sign, Karl Lisch, Kelly's sign, Koeppe's nodules, Ladin's sign, Lancisi's sign, Larrey's sign, Le Fort's fracture of the ankle, Leo George Rigler, Leo Schamroth, Leon Athanese Gosselin, Léon Clément Le Fort, Leonard N. Boston, Leonardo Gigli, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Lilian Lindsay, Lisbee Stainton, List of eponymous fractures, List of eponymous medical treatments, List of eponymous surgical procedures, List of international cricket centuries by Mark Waugh, Litten's sign, Louis Frédéric Wickham, Louis Gallavardin, Louvel's sign, Lowenberg's sign, Ludwig Piskaçek, Magnan's sign, Markle sign, Mary Broadfoot Walker, Mary Walker (disambiguation), Maurice Favre, Mayne's sign, Mean circulatory filling pressure, Means-Lerman scratch, Metro FM (disambiguation), Möbius sign, Moniz sign, Moritz Roth, Morten Ansgar Kveim, Niels Thorkild Rovsing, Non-lifting sign, Norman Barrett, Old Steine, Oliver Cope, Palla's sign, Parasomnia (film), Pastia's sign, Paul Louis Duroziez, Paul Robert Bing, Paul Segond, Peabody's sign, Peter Essex-Lopresti, Pierre Bitôt, Plummer's nail, Princess Royal University Hospital, Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, Rhynchonella, Ricardo Galeazzi, Riesman's sign, Rita Marcalo, Robert Hollenhorst, Robert Jones (surgeon), Robert Marcus Gunn, Robert Salus, Robert William Smith (surgeon), Rose's sign, Rosenbach's test, Rossolimo's sign, Roy Glenwood Spurling, Salus's sign, Sanders T. Frank, Schaefer's sign, Schiller's Test, Stransky's sign, Strümpell's sign, Swainson Akroyd, Tetrarhynchia, The Traveler (2010 film), Theodor Rumpel, Therapeutic endoscopy, Thomas Brushfield, Thomas Masterman Winterbottom, Thomas Porter McMurray, Throckmorton's reflex, Tom Bentley Throckmorton, Tomaso Casoni, Ulysse Trélat, United Kingdom Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, Von Braun-Fernwald's sign, Waddell's triad, Walter Broadbent, Walter Schiller, Wendy Hurrell, William Ewart (physician), William Goodell (gynecologist), William John Adie, William Silver Oliver, Winifred Ashby, Wright's maneuver.

Significant contributions[edit]

Basic life support, Instruments used in gastroenterology, Lateral internal sphincterotomy, List of eponymous medical signs, Polypectomy, Sheila Sherlock, UMDS, University Hospital Lewisham.


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