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Hi! I'm Maia.

Primary Wikipedia interest is adding and editing information on notable women, especially those in the STEM fields.

Former co-leader of the New England Wikimedians user group. Attendee of the Ada Initiative's AdaCamp 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Edit-a-thons/workshops organized:

M45map.jpg Alias: @20tauri


As of 2014, I work in the news office of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While I edit Wikipedia strictly on my own time, in the interest of transparency I will attempt to be as clear as possible about my connections with any MIT-related content edits I make henceforth. I will do this mainly by leaving messages on talk pages of any relevant articles declaring my status as an MIT employee and representative of the Institute's publicity arm. However, as a general rule I plan not to make substantial edits on articles relating to active members of the MIT community.

Articles I created or greatly expanded[edit]

Start-Class article Robert Berger (surgeon)
Start-Class article Lisl Steiner
Start-Class articleDid You Know? Ann Hopkins
Start-Class articleDid You Know? Barbara Askins
C-Class articleDid You Know? Joan Feynman
Start-Class articleDid You Know? Mrs. Met
C-Class article Catherine G. Wolf
Stub-Class article Ann McKee
Stub-Class article Rose Whelan Sedgewick

Articles I helped raise to GA level[edit]

Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Articles I revised or added content to[edit]

Katherine Johnson
Nancy Roman
Helen Meriwether Lewis Thomas
Mary Eliza Mahoney
Wu experiment
List of experiments
Marion Donovan
Stephanie Kwolek
Madonna (entertainer)
Kristina M. Johnson
Mária Telkes
Suzy Varty
Dolors Aleu i Riera
Christine Korsgaard
Occupational sexism
ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences
Esther M. Conwell
Esther Szekeres
Mary Shaw (computer scientist)
Cherry A. Murray
Edith M. Flanigen
Judith Klinman
May Berenbaum
Washington, D.C. mayoral election, 2014
Muriel Bowser
Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins
Clelia Duel Mosher Judith Neuffer
Dorrit Hoffleit
Mary-Dell Chilton
Bem sex-role inventory
Sandra Bem
Berta Karlik
Penelope Jeggo
Karen Gleason
Ellen Ochoa
Charles M. Vest
Alison Jolly
Shannon Lucid
María Magdalena Campos Pons
Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
Boston University Terriers
Ruth Patrick
Janet Rowley
Roberta Bondar
Tió de Nadal
Margaret W. Rossiter
Doris Lessing
Nalini Ambady
Elizabeth Freeman (Mum Bett)
Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin
Ingeborg Hochmair
Edith Nourse Rogers
Tom McHale (American football)
Sibyl M. Rock
Sharon Mosher
Elvira de Mejia
Anne Fausto-Sterling
Eleni Sikelianos
Nora Lilian Alcock
Chien-Shiung Wu
League of Denial
Erwin Hochmair
Greg Hadley
Inge Lehmann
Pat Corley
Nancy Roman
Katherine Clark
Massachusetts's 5th congressional district special election, 2013
Bruce C. Murray
Lynn Conway
Sylvia Earle
Ghouta chemical attack
Ruth Sager
Mr. Met
Mary Rockwell Hook
Henrietta Swan Leavitt
2752 Wu Chien-Shiung
Joy Crisp
List of female scientists before the 21st century
Luke Chia-Liu Yuan
Geiger counter
Jeff Bezos
Mildred Trotter
Bryan Cranston
The Day The Earth Smiled
Jennifer Doudna
Marianne Grunberg-Manago
Martha Chase
Nettie Stevens
Langmuir-Blodgett trough
Agnes Pockels
List of Major League Baseball mascots
Carolyn Porco
Michael Hastings (journalist)
Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu
Iain Banks
Olive Dennis
Helen Blanchard
Edith Clarke
Julia Anna Gardner
Winifred Goldring
Eugene Merle Shoemaker
Space burial
Brenda Milner
Ruby Payne-Scott
George Johnson (writer)
Marguerite Perey
Sally Ride
Donna Nelson
Maria Mitchell
Margaret Mayall
List of women astronomers
Women in science
Women in computing
Great Debate (astronomy)
Richard Feynman
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
Charles Hirshberg
Aurora (astronomy)
Lucy Shapiro
Awkward Black Girl
Issa Rae
Claudia Alexander
Min Chiu Li
Sri Lankan Civil War
List of female astronauts
Saint Patrick's Day in the United States
Four-leaf clover
Candice Bergen
National Medal of Science
John B. Goodenough
Sylvester James Gates
Sidney Drell
Barry Mazur
Solomon W. Golomb
M. Frederick Hawthorne
Allen J. Bard
Leroy Hood
Anne Treisman
Sallie W. Chisholm
Sandra Faber
List of National Medal of Science laureates
Lisa Randall
Jane C. Wright
List of Smith College people
Helen of Troy Limited
Harvard Computers
Antonia Maury
Errol Morris
Carl Sagan
United States Senate Committee on Appropriations
Zaha Hadid
Christina Paxson
In vitro fertilization
Ada Lovelace
Hurricane Sandy
November 29
October 31
Laura Bassi
Judith Rodin
Rockefeller Foundation
Amy Gutmann
Shirley M. Tilghman
United Nations Headquarters
Maria Zuber
Women in medicine
Charlotte Bunch
Virginia Sand
Association for Women Geoscientists
Women in geology
List of astronomers
Majorcan midwife toad
Bright Star Catalogue
Randy Snow
August 3
Castellers de Vilafranca
Bruce Medal
Patience Wright
List of female Nobel Laureates
Catalytic Converter
Temple Grandin
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sylvia Pressler
Morgan Kibby
Elinor Ostrom
Giant anteater
Cardinal Spellman High School (New York City)
Brockton Rox
Ehinomen Ehikhamenor
Titan (moon)
Princess Elisabeth Antarctica
United States Secretary of State
List of Catalans
Pound Ridge, New York
Brown University

To-Do List[edit]