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I am interested in Arthur and sub-Roman Britain, as well as Celtic languages and mythology. Slowly and surely I am learning everything I can about Arthur and his time period. I'm trying to work on an article for an online magazine on sub-roman britain.

Besides Arthuriana I occasionally look up articles on Christianity and Creation science. I also frequently look up this or that on politics, especially if it's recent or on Supreme Court cases.

Articles I Created[edit]

  1. Hauser's Law
  2. Kingdom of Calchfynyd
  3. Sub-Roman Britain Taskforce Page
  4. Template:Hen ogledd

My Links[edit]

Noah's family tree (under construction)
My Sandbox
User:Gladius Terrae Novae/Article Sandbox
My New Userboxes
Crime and punishment in the Bible

My Barnstars[edit]

Socratic Barnstar.gif The Socratic Barnstar
For your debate over philosophy with User:Filll, you are awarded with this Socratic (Philosophy) barnstar. Cheers! - DiligentTerrier (and friends) 19:31, 20 April 2008 (UTC)

-For getting into trouble.

Notes to Self[edit]

Go through Hen Ogledd template, fixing all and making separate pages for those necessary.

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