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In their travels, hobos made marks with chalk, paint, or coal on walls, sidewalks, fences, and posts. The signs were meant to let others know what was ahead.

Hoboji are symbols to augment vacation rental sites (AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Craigslist, etc.) with supplementary information that may be taboo or possibly censored by the platforms.

For Guests[edit]

Symbol Meaning
☔ Jank wifi
🐟 Religious talk will get you a free meal
⌛ Host puts in the milk, then the cereal
📓 Weird books
🎓 Host awkwardly demos entire property when you show up
👛 Host is rich
🚥 Officer of the law lives here
🍯 Good liquor cabinet
🃏 Don't go in the basement
👣 Hippie friendly
👯 Hot neighbor
🐗 Racism tolerated
🍆 Weird smell
🎆 Guns in the house
📰 Thin walls
🎡 Owner really nice
🎠 Can throw a party here
🌁 Haunted
🐟 Host is an alcoholic
🐌 Host will leave you alone
🍨 Children present

For Hosts[edit]

Symbol Meaning
👻 Would prefer if I never saw you
🌲 Marijuana OK
🍑 Down for a casual encounter
🐇 Furry friendly
👉 Can film a porno here
↘ Contact me privately for a better rate