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My position on admin actions + obligatory sysop stats
Fellow admins (this should go without saying but to be clear) you do not need to consult me when reversing any of my administrator actions. If there is something I have done that you don't understand and/or disagree with simply reverse the action and if there's additional context needed thereafter I'm happy to provide. I'm far from perfect and whilst I believe I tend to err on the side of caution with the tools I may've been bold or misread a situation. I will not consider this wheel warring in any shape or form. Additionally due to timezones and the nature of my job I can be very active, or times where my activity may drop to almost zero for periods.

For editors who feel the same simply alert me on my talk page or if you are blocked you can ping me by writing {{ping|Glen}} on your talk page. If you are blocked please simply follow the instructions on your talk page and one of us will get to you.

Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 25502
Edits+Deleted 30176
Pages deleted 3234
Revisions deleted 226
Logs/Events deleted 24
Pages restored 86
Pages protected 386
Pages unprotected 22
Protections modified 31
Users blocked 7475
Users reblocked 97
Users unblocked 210
Users created 21
Admin actions for Glen
Type of action Percentage
Deletion/Undeletion 3320
Block/Reblock 7782
Protection/Unprotection 439
RevDel 250
User rights 0

I'm a Kiwi living in Dubai. Due to the nature of my job (which involves frequent travel) I tend to edit sporadically on and off. If I have done something that has offended you please make a note on my talk page and I'll do my best to address. Email is open for anything urgent but please do not email me for unblock requests as I prefer transparency. Simply follow the directions on your talk page and one of us will attend to you fairly quickly. Thanks.

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